Neil Bousfield is a contemporary British artist who creates reduction and multi-block relief engravings with subtle overlays of printed colour, tone and pattern. He uses innovative materials and processes within the traditional method of wood engraving and woodcut, experimenting with synthetic and natural blocks to suit his purpose.

“Neil is one of the most highly respected and innovative engravers working today. His technical skill transforms this ancient medium, pushing it to a new modernity & relevance. This, coupled with his unique vision, creates unforgettable multi-layered images – art for today & tomorrow” John Bell

Focusing on the space between the land and sea, Bousfield’s work aims to raise questions about communities who invest in places which will be lost to sea-level rise. In particular, the engravings explore coastal erosion and climate change in a local and global context. In these works he draws parallels between the landscape near his home on the Norfolk Coast, which is under threat of sea incursion, and all coastal regions and cities set to be impacted by sea-level rise.

Neil Bousfield drawing at Waxham, Norfolk

With an affinity for maps, Bousfield incorporates these global images in his work alongside drawings made on location to document and establish how the sea connects coastal places around the world. In doing so he questions the role of authenticity and lived experience.

“With increasing concern about climate change, the transitional space between the land and the sea has a fragile mutability as the shore acts as a barometer of even greater change.” Penelope Hughes-Stanton

Born in Middlesbrough, Bousfield grew up on the North Yorkshire coast. He is an elected member of The Society of Wood Engravers and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Work is held within public and private collections worldwide. He now lives and works on the North Norfolk coast.

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