Doggerland Walker I


Date: 2020
Medium: multiple block relief engraving and woodcut
Edition size: 30
Image: 32(h) x 16(w) cm
Paper: 53(h) x 36.5(w) cm, Zerkall 150 gsm

Price: £350 (unframed, unmounted) – UK postage included

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Doggerland Walker Landscape memory captured in narrative helps to understand the places we live, occupy and make home. Routine and experience come together through memory and history to reaffirm attachment to places; the daily dog walk along the coast becomes part of the act of homemaking. Doggerland represents “the memories and associations of cultures disappeared, with the landscape itself, as sea levels rose and the land retreated.” [Mapping Doggerland]

Places, people, memories and culture lost to the sea, the effect of climate change and sea level rise impact upon the temporal and fragile environments that create the boundary between land and sea. Coastal villages, communities, natural habitat, towns and cities lie vulnerable to the waves and the sea. “At such a time, and when climate change, global warming and sea level rise are now accepted as almost the greatest threat to our lifestyles, the fate of the Holocene landscapes and peoples of the North Sea may yet be interpreted, not as an academic curiosity, but a significant warning for our future.” [Mapping Doggerland]

Ref: Mapping Doggerland, The Mesolithic landscapes of the Southern North Sea, Ed. Gaffney, Thomson and Fitch