a portfolio of objects


Having understood that context and reflection play a crucial part in understanding what we do, what it means and where our practice may develop I proposed to gain a greater understanding of the role of drawing within practice. Here this project took a practice led research approach where I questioned the role of drawing within practice and sought to clarify the significance of drawing within a personal context and as such contextualise my drawing practice within the wider field of contemporary drawing research.

The research involved making drawings of my everyday environment, using drawing as a way of looking in order to see what I was using drawing for. The outcome was a portfolio of reduction relief engravings made using historical and traditional hand wood engraving tools and techniques to engrave on to modern synthetic blocks. These blocks were used as a substitute for end grain box woodblocks hence the process became a representation of historical and traditional processes in a contemporary engraving and drawing practice.

The portfolio includes a reflective handset letterpress printed text which sought to make clear the use of drawing within the development of a personal practice as drawing is a fundamental tool for enquiry. The project allowed a deeper understanding of the drawing process and how drawing translates from pencil and paper to engraving tool and block.

portfolio of objects prints
portfolio of objects - Neil Bousfield

the portfolio
A Portfolio of Objects - a folio of original engravings