mapping the broads

2016 – 2018

The Broads is a place with a sense of uniqueness, with a unique biodiversity and ecology rich in plant and animal life. Lying below or at sea level and adjacent to the sea a complex network of cuts, dykes and drainage pumps maintain a landscape once beneath the sea. Fragility, temporality, loss and narrative – people made, created and constructed this place. They lived, worked and made this place, investing themselves within this location and built their homes here.

Work began on this project in early February 2016, where over a period of several weeks many walks were taken and recorded through drawing and photography. With the use of archival material, maps, aerial photography and historic texts, three walks to one location formed the focus for this project: Reedham to Berney Arms, Wickhampton to Berney Arms, and Great Yarmouth to Berney Arms.

mapping the broads prints
mapping the broads - Neil Bousfield

drawings | composition
The Broads, Norfolk - composition  #20 - mixed media drawing

drawings | walk 1
The Broads, Norfolk - walk 1 #85 - mixed media drawing by Neil Bousfield

drawings | walk 2
The Broads, Norfolk - walk 2 #18 - mixed media drawing

drawings | walk 3
The Broads, Norfolk - walk 3 #57 - mixed media drawing
drawings | walk 5
The Broads, Norfolk - walk 5 #09 - mixed media drawing