the walcott prints

2016 – 2017

The North Norfolk coast has long been associated with some of the key concepts at play within my current practice

“Living on the edge; In 1845 a Happisburgh farmer drilled a twelve acre field with wheat. That night a gale raged and by the morning the field was gone. The bay at the end of this path has been created by the action of the sea and the winds. Happisburgh soft clay and gravel cliffs are vulnerable to the forces of nature and beneath the sea nearby are the remains of a second lighthouse, centuries of lost fields and the entire mediaeval village of Whimpwell”  (North Norfolk District Council)

Narratives from a place help construct a sense of place and address key ideas and concepts. Temporality, loss, fragility, the process of coastal erosion, storms, sea surges and rising sea levels impact directly on Walcott as a place. The prints, which can be viewed here begin a mapping and recording process which explore the notion of place and the narratives which make it.

walcott | engravings
the walcott prints - Neil Bousfield
walcott | photos
Walcott - photograph November 2015 - Neil Bousfield