27 January – 3 March 2018 / I am delighted to announce my first exhibition at Rabley Gallery ‘COAST’ alongside Nik Pollard. Coast explores two artists responses to the changing British Coastline and surrounding wetlands.

“Neil Bousfield’s Home and Place and Walcott series reflect on notions of temporality, loss, and fragility. The prints begin to map and record the impact of the process of coastal erosion, storms, sea surges and rising sea levels on Walcott as a place. The delicate marks and pallet used act to unravel a narrative that explores a changing landscape and community.”

“Nik Pollards Wallasea drawings explore the relationship between landscape and nature. In 2015/16 Pollard was invited by the RSPB to help record the Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project though drawing and painting on site. The energetic drawings are the result of two visits made to the site and reflect Pollards fascination for the contrast between the site under construction and its development as flora and fauna beginning to take hold.”