storage, display and framing

All works on this website are limited edition, fine art original prints, hand printed by the artist from the original block.

Storage: If your print is not going to be on display, the best way to keep it is horizontally/flat in a plan chest or a specially designed acid-free case

Display: If your print is going to be on display, it is essential to protect it from sources of direct light – natural and artificial lighting – as any exposure to light harms media and paper. Particularly avoid south facing light. However, the harmful effects of light can be reduced by using ultra violet (UV) filtering glass for framing

Mounting & framing: Good quality framing will help preserve the longevity of your original print. When selecting a mount board, choose an acid-free mount and mat – either solid core 100% cotton board (known as ‘museum board’) which is the best quality mount board, or purified wood pulp board (known as ‘conservation board’). Use UV filtering protected glass